As a stationery brand originating in Osaka, through pencil shavings we have and will continue to aim at contributing to cultural creation, being kind to people and the earth, and harmonizing environmental conservation with business.




Company Profile

Company Name Nakajima Jukyudo Co., Ltd.
Business overview

Manufacture and sale of pencil sharpeners for stationery and cosmetic.

Company founded  1933
Incorporation 1981
Address 7-3-28 Miyakenaka Matsubara Osaka JAPAN
Zip 5800046



Company History

1933 “NAKAJIMA JUKYUDO” was founded in 1933. Founder Yukio Nakajima, opened a workshop in Osaka, manufacturing pen shaft and cigarette pipe.
1940 We started to produce pencil sharpener in. However, due to shortage of petrochemical materials during the World War II, the workshop ceased production.
1950 After the end of war, resumed the production with newly developed our original plastic injection molding machine.
1960 We have started selling our products overseas.
Early1970s We developed the new machine for the plastic manufacturing. It made us produce mass production of pencil sharpener with high quality and assurance in early 1970s. Thanks to the art of sharpeners and fine products, NAKAJIMA JUKYUDO established the market reputation in the domestic and in the world wide.
Late 1970s We have grown exclusive pencil sharpener manufacturer with our own export quality products and OEM in Japan.
1981 We established Nakajima JUKYUDO Co., Ltd. Yoshinori Nakajima became president.
1985 Recently, we have grown exclusive pencil sharpener manufacturer with our own export quality products and OEM in Japan.
1998 We build a new factory in Matsubara Osaka, Japan.
2009 In 2009, Junya Nakajima became President and Representative Director of the company, and the head office and factory consolidated in Matsubara City, Osaka.
2013 We celebrated 80th anniversary on June 1. In 2013, we displayed for the first time at the exhibition “Maison & Objet 2013” in Paris. Many people got interested in our products, and we restart to export to Europe and USA .
2015 We exhibited the world's first pencil sharpener "TSUNAGO" at "Maison & Objet Paris 2015"
2017 We start our “Pencil Shavings Art” project as a way of transmitting a spirit of avoiding wastefulness around the world.
2020 We participate in the DESIGNART TOKYO.

Award history


8[eit] won iF DESIGN AWARD 2020.

NJK-「TSUNAGO」キッズデザインアワード2017 受賞

TSUNAGO won Kid’s Design Award 2017.

NJK-中小企業庁より 「はばたく中小企業・小規模事業者300社」に選出

We were selected for the Vibrant HABATAKU Small and Medium Enterprises 300 Program of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.

NJK-     「TSUNAGO」    2016年日本文房具屋さん大賞 グランプリー受賞

TSUNAGO received the Grand Prix of the Japan Stationery Store 2016.


TSUNAGO won the Osaka brand excellent product 2015.

NJK-「TSUNAGO」 グッドデザイン2015 受賞

TSUNAGO won Good Design Award 2015.


We received the Osaka Manufacturing Excellent Company Award 2012


Stores carrying our products


Stores carrying our products