Nakajima Jukyudo manufactures pencil sharpeners for many stationery manufacturers in Japan and overseas. In recent years we have also been increasingly manufacturing sharpeners for cosmetics. We can accommodate both OEM production based on supplied designs and product drawings, and ODM production where Nakajima Jukyudo proposes plans and designs to develop products on your behalf. Please feel free to contact us regarding the product specifications and quantities you require.

OEM/ODM examples

The flow for OEM/ODM production


01  Initial consultation

・Annual production levels



・Desired delivery date


OEM:Receipt of customer-supplied design drawings

ODM:NJK creation of design drawings



02 Initial estimate

Creation of rough estimates for molds and products based on initial consultation and design drawings



03  Determination of specifications and quantities

Based on the initial estimate, perform adjustments to determine product specifications and annual production quantities

04  Final estimate

Create the final mold and product quote based on the determined product specifications and annual production quantities

Verification and approval

05 Order

Create a formal purchase order based on customer verification and approval

06 Product drawings

Create product drawings based on the determined specifications


07 Mold fabrication

Design and create 3D drawings based on the approved product drawings and fabricate molds
Adjust and finish molds through repeated molding

08 Trial production

Perform trial production based on the finished molds

Verification and approval


09 Production

Start of production based on the determined delivery schedule

Special Order

We accept orders for customization of Nakajima Jukyudo’s original products, including printing of logos and other graphics, original colors and packaging, and custom assortments.

Special order examples

Flow for special orders

01 Initial consultation

・Units manufactured

・Specifications (logos, colors, packaging design)


・Desired delivery date

NJK receipt of color and logo samples

02 Estimate and specifications

Creation of product specifications and quotations based on the initial consultation
Verification and approval


03 Order

Receipt of a formal order based on the verification and approval

04 Confirmation

Confirmation of product specifications (colors, logo, packaging)

05 Production

Start of production based on the delivery schedule