Pencil shavings unfurl from twin blades, and their exquisite symmetry makes sharpening a joy.
There are things we can discover in such beautiful forms, and we treasure such discoveries.

This product resulted from collaboration with the Takeda Design Project in Tsubamesanjo, Niigata.


This sharpener features finely machined aluminum top and bottom lids and two blades.
We utilize advanced cutting and processing technologies to create products that bring enrichment and convenience to our lives.


Body.  Aluminium/Acrylic

Unit.  Steal / PS


SIZE .  φ45×73mm

Please watch this video to see how to replace the pencil sharpener.

Winner, iF Design Award 2020

This product received the iF Design Award, known as the “Oscar Award for design.”

The iF Design Award, awarded for the sixty-seventh time in 2020, is an international design award conferred by the iF International Forum Design of Hannover, Germany.

The award accepts entries in the fields of product, communication, packaging/UX, service design, architecture, interior architecture, and professional concept, with over 7,200 submissions from 56 countries in 2020, among which 1,453 products were awarded, with 75 being given gold awards.


NJK’s double-blade pencil sharpener “8” [eit] received this prestigious award. This product can be viewed on the iF website here.